Probably the best gift for Mom is a day off from routine chores…….but in case this is not plausible we have some out of the box ideas.

A day off from routine chores……… next week and then again next month. However, given that some Mom’s are not near their children such a lofty gift is not convenient, probable, or realistic. So, for whichever category you fall into:

· not wanting to have a chore day inconveniently redeemed

· too far away to deposit tangible hugs and kisses

· wanting to give the best of all worlds

· not wanting to yield to big-box marketing and merchandising

we offer some suggestions that might be a stepping stone to your own path and ideas.

First of all, speaking of stepping stone this has been the year of SUPER-BLOSSOM if you live in Southern California, so why not trim all those blossoms which have begun to die with the blast of heat this past week. Then with the cooler weather which returned, Mom will actually have another burst of flowers…with no effort on her part. If she has no garden then check out Bouqs or your favorite florist and pick up or have delivered some COLOR. Even if your budget is minimal, Trader Joes always has daffodils this time of year for a few dollars, or some fresh herbs to bring aroma to the kitchen and meal.

If Mom is an and arts-and-crafts person, or has a ton of ideas that she never seems to be able to finish or start, consider buying her storage bins.Disorder is often what hinders completion or even starting a project.Again, if you are on a limited budget look at a Garage Sales or CraigsList for free or almost free gutted entertainment centers that can be beautifully or quickly painted. You can even find a pallet, the used ones are readily available for free, to use as interior shelving if you have a small amount of tools or a neighbor to help. This out dated piece will actually hold a mammoth amount of fabric, glue, paper goods, and everything else that makes her happy as she expresses her creativity.

While the ubiquitous Amazon may seem to be the only resource for books or anything, reality is there are a number of publishing houses which specialize in do-it-yourself (DIY), crafts, and fabric or yarn arts. LeisureArts has one of the largest assortments and offer an online store to select some excellent books.

Why does Mom always have to be the good-snack resource and enforcer? There are actually monthly delivery resources for healthy (or healthful) snacks which give her some help. UrthBox is one of those companies!

Maybe you have seen her buying 12×12″ decorative paper or card stock all the time. Chance are she wants or she has a cutting machine which utilizes .svg (scalable vector graphic) files to make cards and other creative paper crafts. Dreaming Tree offers affordable downloadable files for a multitude of cards and gift crafts. While they are not licensed for resale they are a huge resource for holiday crafts and cards, gifts, and decorations

If Mom is already selling her ideas, consider online tools: Subscription services allow small business owners to see their online/etsy/ebay production sold in a predictable fashion. Subbly is an interesting way to start selling xyz on a monthly subscription basis.

Another tool for those who love to create signage, whether on cups, t-shirts, cards, or furniture is a FONT resource. FontBundles provides weekly free fonts as well as bundled, all to be downloaded

Another resource is located in the San Fernando Valley, allowing Mom to take her slogans, quotes, etc and print them on T-shirts BUT not holding inventory. A print-ship turnkey (print-to-order) allows the opportunity to start with a minimal budget in order to build up your online store and clientele. Printful has a growing selection of products.

Lastly, if your Mom is far away and you already sent the flowers, the gift card, or paid for a trip. Or maybe you want her to receive a card in the mail. Remember a card is still appreciated. LovePopCards has the most stunning laser cut cards. The pair of engineer-owners were featured on SharkTank and have a continual new offering of cards for a wide variety of occasions and interests.

Whether you decide to go to a local store, an online resource, make a gift yourself, or even a big-box. Mom knows you love her because you do. And more than all of your love is her love for you too.


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