This new minimalist lifestyle is a reinvention of what our grandparents had no other choice to live because they could not afford a lot of extras. Seventy+ years later lifestyles have come full circle with housing being the major factor to determine how much is available for discretionary spending. Don’t forget to add to the budget the cell phone bill, the various insurance policies, etc etc etc.

So while you may embrace the minimalist lifestyle, I think walls are meant to have a rotation of pleasant images. Estate sales, garage sales, or swap meets provide a vast assortment of sizes, themes, colors, and subject matters. While on errands I stopped into a Woodland Hills estate sale and was intrigued with the paintings. Clustered on the wall, none seemed to stand out but I knew given their own space or focus they would become a point of focus and balance for a room or corner area.

While the sale has long since passed here are the images, from EstateSales website, of what I saw…

While I am not one to wear hats the assortment of hats in pristine condition struck me as interesting in that they would make the same statement as the pictures…given the right head and outfit.

And then I saw the mirrors. Ahh nicely placed in a small room they could bring significant chic to the atmosphere, and function to one needing to get a nod of approval or correction.

The estate sale, we discovered, is detailed on a website but nonetheless we took some pictures of items we wish our pocketbook had flexibility to allow us to purchase such itemsthis week. So we pass the details to you with best wishes.

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