Before You Ask How to Blog

A Few Hints and A List of Various Online Statistics

There is no doubt adding a blog to your website is worthwhile and valuable; HOWEVER it is the content, timeliness and uniqueness of information which will yield results, increased sales; in spite of the most mediocre or best promotion of the material on social media.

The first hurdle to overcome, in looking at statistics, is the plethora of acronyms describing the basics of business marketing, advertising, and results. These abbreviations are designed to accommodate social media restrictions in character count or preference to have the reader not scrolling endlessly to absorb content; but instead generate a speed bump for newcomers who did not graduate from college in the last ten minutes.

The second hurdle to overcome is application of the information; basically assignment of generating quality content.  All too often a business owner wears too many hats, let alone becoming chief copy writer.  An outside source, even a younger family member may be the initial choice when there are budget constraints.  However, even a partial outsourcing may be worth the cost if the quality and keyword usage for search engines nets increased readership and conversion to sales.

The last hurdle to overcome is celerity of posting and promotion.  Post an article on a regular schedule AND promote it similarly.  All too often a pinned social media post is stale, dated six months or longer and therefore frames the first impression.  It is far better to have multiple smaller articles, even marked as a series, enabling the promotion over a span of time; than to have it combined into lengthy article which has limitations in presumed redundancy of promotion.  Unless your link is keyed to a particular paragraph most online readers have a short attention and will recognize the first paragraph and skip over anything further.

The following statistics will confirm the various aspects of the value of blogging, gaining appropriate readership, accumulation and presentation of content, careful and constant promotion, curation of graphics, and results. Interestingly though, some statistic focused articles include content which has been cited with no credibility of a source, regurgitating captivating comments disguised as factual data: “the average reader spends 37 seconds reading an article or blog post.”. An ironic statement, being exactly what most website blogs should shun – reposting unverified snippets to solidify a pitch.

  • Hosting Tribunal –            According to a February 2021 article by Radoslav there are nearly 32 million bloggers in the United States.
  • Simple Marketing Now –       cited a statistic, which would seem to raise some caution to slapping a hastily prepared blog article into your website:  30% of consumers rate quality content as the top factor that adds credibility to a blog. 
  • Hubspot –                         suggests some caution regarding blogs as a result of their study:   43% of people admit to skimming blog posts.
  • FinancesOnline                provides significant info-graphs in an article by Nestor Gilbert written, also in 2021  with 87 statistics about blogging.    
  • WebFx                                suggested, in 2019, the global conversion rate of users on a mobile device was 1.32% while on a desktop device was 3.82%.  Therefore, business are now feeling pressure to optimize their sites to appease to both desktop.


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